Fire Eating & Fire Breathing


Fire Eating Training

Want to learn an exciting artform that cultivates confidence and has created career paths for so many? Anyone can learn how to be a fire eater with ease. Why limit yourself when you can do impossible! Be a Fire Eater, Be Fearless!

Group Workshops

Find Fire Eating Workshops in a city near you. All Events have Limited Space Available!

Private Lessons

Book a Private Fire Eating Lesson on any Fire Eating Workshop Course or Have a Custom Lesson Designed just for You!


Online Lessons

Live Online Video Lesson ~ Anytime & Anywhere

Book a workshop course or have a custom course designed just for You!


Fire Breathing Training

Have you ever wondered if dragons were once real? Well come see for yourself and learn how to breathe fire too! Bring out your inner flame, become fearless and define your own sense of courage. Be a Fire Breather, Be a Dragon!

Group Workshops

Find Fire Breathing Workshops in a city near you. All Events have Limited Space Available! 


Private Lessons

Book a fire breathing lesson based on the workshop course or have a Custom lesson Designed to push your Abilities!

Online Lessons

Live Online Video Lesson ~ Receive a Custom lesson anywhere and anytime with our live video chat lessons. 


Fire Safety Certifications

The Flow Arts Institute has a fantastic online course dedicated to teaching Fire Safety. We do not make anything off the proceeds, we are just strong advocates of what it has to offer. While this course does not explicitly cover the safety concerns of fire eating, this course is great supplementary training to take!