An experience you'll never forget, all levels were welcomed and felt at home. I have never done anything like this with fire and took both the beginner and advanced at the same time. Thomas gives you a safe and enjoyable environment and is very knowledgeable in his art. I am a performer with Cirque Du Soleil and will be inviting everyone I know in the field to take it with me again next year when Thomas comes back to Vegas. 5 Stars!
Toby Stanley (Las Vegas, NV)
Cirque Du Soleil Performer
I had been fire eating for about 6 years and was ready to take my skills to the next level. When I saw Fearless Fire Retreats was offering a hollow torch workshop in Chicago, I had to jump on the opportunity. Thomas is a creative and deeply knowledgeable instructor. His workshop improved my existing technical skills, taught me exciting new tricks, and provided a wealth of invaluable medical information that is not typically proliferated in fire eating communities. Thomas took the time to address his pupils' individual questions and to troubleshoot any concerns we had with the various tricks we learned. By the end of the class, every one had made great progress. I highly recommend Fearless Fire Retreats to any one who wants to learn fire eating whether they are new and curious or they are experienced and looking to learn new skills.
Sally Marvel (Chicago,IL)
Performing Artist
Having worked side-by-side with Mr. Santiago, I can say I am impressed beyond measure by how thorough and concise he is with the information he provides. He's a firm believer in *community over competition* and has shared his success with other instructors such as myself and has even helped me sell my hollow torches. 10 out of 10 would recommend if you have the opportunity to take his workshops. Love ya, Thomas!
Zeus Bigalow (Nashville, TN)
Fire Manipulation Instructor
Any fire eating friends who want to step up their game or need to clean up old tricks, Thomas Santiago is talented teacher who really knows the science and Technic of such a finicky element. Hit him up for workshops or privates!Thank you Thomas Santiago! I learned so much and am so excited to start implementing my new tricks into my Act! You have an array of knowledge and know how to explain it so your students could understand. Looking forward to training with you again!
Mary Reichel (Orlando, FL)
Ringling Brothers (Former Performer)
Thomas is an incredible teacher of not just fire technique but fire safety as well. He made me feel so comfortable and encouraged in trying knew tricks, and it was so much fun! Moving forward practicing on my own, I feel much more confident after taking his workshop.
Porcelain Pistol (Chicago, IL)
Performing Artist
Very fun and informative workshop for fire eating. I really appreciated the emphasis on safety. Everything was explained very well and was easy for myself, a beginner, to understand. With the great information and encouragement I felt confident and safe enough to try moves that otherwise I would have been terrified to learn. Thank you Thomas!
Sara Mitzen (Las Vegas, NV)
Thomas is an amazing teacher and performer that will impart the skills you need to become a professional fire eater and breather with safety as a primary concern.
Nick Pryde (Dallas, TX)
I took a beginner class from thomas with no prior experience—he was a fantastic teacher. really affirming and encouraging to students, gave everyone individual attention and made sure each person got comfortable with every new trick, and taught alot of really solid safety information as well. I strongly recommend his classes to anyone looking to get into fire eating + vapor tricks.
Eri Rogers (Chicago, IL)
Performing Artist
10/10 Thomas is a professional and there isn’t a more informative class out there. Class was held at venue with free parking, Thomas worked with everyone individually to help them through different techniques discussed in the class. Proud to have joined the Fearless Fire Family . Don’t miss this class!!
Jordan Bennett (Chicago, IL)
If you're looking for a first class instructor who goes above and beyond, look no further! Thomas's Fearless fire classes will you first hand experience from one of the best professionals in the industry. With his advanced knowledge on safety and vapor manipulation, I guarantee that you will learn these skills as effectively and safely as possible.
Brandon Puckett (Houston, TX)
Performing Artist
Thomas was very thorough in safety and practice for fire eating. He made sure he took the time to go through each step as well as making sure you were comfortable. He was great at taking the time to answer all your question as well.
Lana Nicosia (Dallas, TX)
Performing Artist
Thomas Santiago was a truly amazing instructor. He not only went through it step-by-step with us but gave all the important information regarding health, history, proper techniques, and the correct execution of this dangerous art form. I laughed, I cried, I overcame fear, and you can too!
Sophie Dunn (Las Vegas, NV)
I had a great time at the breathing and fire safety workshops with Thomas! His class was super informative and very fun! I'm hoping he comes back to Dallas soon so I can learn some new tricks!
Shae Ochoa (Dallas, TX)
Performing Artist
Thomas was incredible! He was very informative, attentive, detailed, and patient! I look forward to taking his workshop again and again. Because it never hurts to learn to play with fire properly. I had an absolute blast!
Rose Bougher (Las Vegas, NV)
I learned how to SAFELY fire breathe from Thomas and it was a great time! He was super encouraging and gave us many pointers and tricks and techniques to work on and improve towards! I’m a proud student of Fearless Fire!
Peter Ngo (Dallas, TX)
Performing Artist
Not only is Thomas a great instructor and friendly human, but he also could be a life coach. My confidence and abilities are through the roof now! Thank you so much for all you do!
Connor Freeman (Raleigh, NC)
Thomas was such a wonderful teacher. He’s patient, informative, and has a great time doing what he loves. Can’t wait to practice what I learned and hopefully take more classes someday. Thanks Thomas!
Natasha Dover (Chattanooga, TN)
Fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Don’t let your past dictate or control your present and future. Yesterday I did something completely out of my comfort zone. Due to childhood trauma I was afraid of fire and being burnt. I attended this beginners class to work with fire. I am so proud of myself and the progress I made in such a short amount of time. I went from shaking and being terrified to touch the flames to being focused and able to transfer the fire from one torch to the other with my fingers. I was also able to extinguish the flames with just my bare hands. It felt so good and so empowering. I took back the power this past trauma has had over me. I feel so strong. Mind over matter
Prakruti Makam
I am so proud to be a member of the Fearless Fire Family. Thomas is the most thorough and patient instructor, and I feel completely safe moving forward with fire because of his care and attention. When I was challenged by the vapors (literally), his encouragement was just so genuine. I now believe in my own abilities beyond what I thought I could achieve. My love and gratitude are forever with Thomas and his crew from that day. 10/10 recommend.
Amanda Prentice
Thomas is a great instructor and highly skilled performer. His workshops are suitable as a crash course for fire newbies looking to learn the basics of fire eating in a safe environment as well as experienced performers looking to expand their skill sets. I highly recommend
Kate Wajda