Fearless Fire Policies

Workshop Policies

  • All sales are final: No Refunds, Cancellations or Exchanges 
  • Can not exchange a fire eating or Fire breathing workshop deposit for other workshop, lessons or events 
  • All Events and Workshops are always rain or shine
  • Fire Eating Attendees must provide their own PAIR of torches
  • Each Fire Eating Attendee must have 2 torches each, sharing is not permitted. This will hold of the entire class.

Workshop Payment and Scheduling Policies

  • MUST respond to confirmation email to claim your workshop ticket
  • Remaining balance deadline is 14 days before event date
  • Unclaimed Tickets and Unpaid Balances may be forfeited without refund & notice after 72 hrs passed deadline
  • Only fully paid workshop tickets may be transferred for 50% of ticket value to any future events
  • Sell your Workshop ticket. Ticket seller is solely responsible for relaying all Workshop information to new attendee. Fearless Fire is not responsible for independently sold ticket(s) & will not refund tickets to purchaser(s) and/or seller(s)
  • Workshop tickets must be fully paid no less than 14 days before the event date. If balances are left unpaid 72hrs past deadline may result in an ‘Unclaimed Ticket’
  • Late Payments: unpaid balance will accrue a $10/day late fee.
  • If you do not respond to the confirmation email, your reservation will be forfeited 72 hours after your event’s remaining balance deadline.

Private & Online Lesson Policies

  • All sales are final: No Refunds, Cancellations or Exchanges
  • Must respond to confirmation email to schedule lesson
  • Unresponded confirmation emails will result in an ‘Unclaimed Ticket’
  • Unclaimed Tickets for lessons are forfeited 7 days after purchase date, all payments may be forfeited without notice
  • To reschedule, lesson must be paid off in full
  • Rescheduling within 72 hours may result in cancellation without refund and/or request denial
  • Only reschedule Lesson up to 3 times with a $25 rebooking fee before your reservation is forfeited without refund

Fire Torch Policies

  • All sales are Final!
  • Torches are hand made. We are not responsible for any imperfections 
  • There are no refunds or exchanges on any torches for any reason
  • Fearless Fire Torches may only be re-gripped free of charge if the order does not match the customer’s order
  • Custom torch design updates (tape color,etc.) may be accommodated if submitted before torch assembly 

Shipping Policies

  • Fearless Fire will not be held responsible for any damaged, lost, stolen or missing packages.
  • We are not liable if the customer moves before receiving their purchase or has given an incorrect address
  • In the event that your package is delayed, missing or mislabeled, you are required to contact USPS customer service.
  • For International Shipping, additional costs are required to cover the cost difference


Fearless Fire is not held liable for any accidents, injury, illness, property damage, or death that may occur while using our Products or Services. Due to the inherent danger of Fire, the purchaser assumes all risk and responsibility. This includes but is not limited to: attending any Fearless Fire events, Workshops, Lessons and/ore use of any Fearless Fire Product such as Fire torches. Fire should only be handled by an individual who has received proper training from a professional instructor. Always be under supervision of a trained Fire Safety with all proper safety equipment. By purchasing our Products and/or Services, we assume that the purchaser fully agrees to our disclosure and liability policies. 

Information Privacy Policy

Information that is given or collected will remain strictly confidential. We will never release any personal information.

Discount and Payment Plan Policies

Early-Bird Discounts

All Workshops offer time-based tiered pricing as follows:

Tier 1 ends four weeks from event date

Tier 2 ends two weeks from event date


Both attendees will receive $20 off a half or full-day Workshop ticket. May not be applied with other discounts. Must provide name of referral at check-out, confirmation email or before buying last ticket. Void if reference is given after deposit is submitted. Void if they previously spoken to a Fearless Fire representative about the event  


Payment Plan Policies 

To qualify, participants must pay 50% of the balance before the provided deadline. The remaining amount is due 14 days after the completion of the event date. Deadline Extensions given at our discretion.


Returning Student Discount

Fearless Fire Students can claim $20 off half or full day ticket. May not be applied with additional discounts


Semi Private Lesson Discount

Reserve a Lesson for 2 participants, each participant can claim $20 off total
For 3-4 participants, each can claim $30 off total
For 5 participants or more, each can claim $50 off total