Frequently Asked Questions

This is for anyone wanting to learn something new and fun. Anyone, and we mean anyone can learn this! If there is a desire to achieve, then there is the possibility. This workshop/lesson is for everyone and can be completed by anyone. Every event is always a POC & LGTBQ safe space guaranteed! We have students from every age group, we even have students that had pyrophobia before attending. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman, a performer or a soccer mom; this is the workshop/lesson for you.

–For liability purposes we do not accept minors unfortunately, even with parental written consent.

To protect the privacy of the venue and the owners, all event addresses are permitted to be given only to registered participants. This will help the event stay contained without any disturbances, as well as ensuring that no theft and/or damage can be done to the venue and its owners due to the event and any promotional marketing.

Have you ever played the “telephone pole’ game as a child? Where there is a line of kids and the teacher tells something on one end of the line, and as it gets passed down it transforms into something completely different and silly. Well think about that effect with crucial information that could literally save your skin, or even worse, a trip to the hospital. An investment in an instructor is an investment in your health and safety. Furthermore; you will quickly learn tricks, combos and advanced tech, since you have an experienced instructor who has been teaching students as their occupation for years and is equipt to explain concepts and corrections.

Fire eating is a series of simple concepts overlapping one another to make what may seem impossible be actually quite simple with some guidance and understanding. First, your mouth is a very finite space, with a very limited amount of oxygen inside the mouth cavity; and fire needs oxygen and will quickly burn it all up. Second, your mouth is wet so it has an extra layer of protection against the heat. Thirdly, there is an effect called ‘thermal lagging’ , where there is a delay of heat transfer, which gives us time to extinguish the flame by disrupting its chain reaction from the lack of oxygen. Compile all these factors, and you can easily understand how it is scientifically feasible for anyone to be a fire eater.

We are using real fire, so there is real risk; but when you have professional guidance, you learn that there are simple ways to mitigate that risk. With experience, the risk for burns and accidents may become significantly less, but there is always room for error since we are using fire.

Yes, fire eating/fire breathing is not the healthiest of activities. But that doesn’t deter everyone, so least we can do for our health be properly trained on the potential health impacts and how to prevent them using proper health-care protocols. Especially if you choose to learn vapor manipulation and engage in vapor tricks often; limiting fuel exposure is important, and learning how to properly do this is an important reason why we should learn from a professional instructor.

Yes, just as long as it is fully healed! It is not advised to fire eat/fire breathe with open sores or fresh piercing.

These are materials consisting of either cotton, leather, wool, silk, bamboo, hemp, etc. This is the preferred wear for fire artists because if the material is set on fire, it will turn to ash instead of melting. Synthetic fibers consist of polyester, nylon, spandex, etc; and when burned they may likely melt to your skin.

We believe that 304 stainless steel is the preferable grade of metal to use for those that engage in vapor manipulation. Though there is not enough consistent evidence in proving that aluminum oxide can cause Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the conclusions found within the study below is enough of a cause for concern to take precautions. That’s why recently so many torch manufacturers are now choosing to use materials such as 304 stainless steel, 6061-t6 or 7075 aluminum since it’s equipped to handle higher temperatures.


“The only high-quality study involved almost 4,000 older adults in southwest France (the PAQUID study). It found that levels of aluminum consumption in drinking water in excess of 0.1 mg/day were associated with a doubling of dementia risk and a 3-fold increase in Alzheimer’s risk. For reference, the 2016 NYC Drinking Water Quality Report states that the concentration of aluminum in NYC drinking water ranged from 0.006-0.057 mg/liter (average, 0.02 mg/liter). Of the moderate quality studies, 6 found an association between higher aluminum levels in drinking water and increased dementia risk, 4 found no associations,and 1 found a protective effect of higher soil levels of aluminum.”

NYC Quality report link:

2016 NYC Drinking Water Quality Report

The PAQUID study link:

[The Paquid research program on the epidemiology of dementia. Methods and initial results]

When it comes to professional instruction, we are proud to say that we are able to offer some of the highest quality professional training for fire manipulation. With plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor, our workshops are always facilitated with a focus on safety and comfort within exploring. With over 1000 students, come see for yourself why so many choose Fearless Fire.