Hollow Fire Eating Torches

A pair of Hollow fire eating torches made with a 6061-T6 aluminum stem. Bare metal – no silicon grip cover. Kevlar Wicks are available only in 1.5” 


Torch Stem

The type of metal used for the hollow torch tubing is important for those that engage in vapor manipulation, due to the risk of metals emitting potential toxins when exposed to high temperatures. For this selection of torch, we use  6061-t6 aluminum hollow stem tubing which is selected due to its high durability, corrosion and heat resistance.


Wick Head

Torch heads are each hand sewn using para-amid fiber kevlar wicking with no exposed kevlar thread and stitched 46 times or more with quad-laced threading. We even use a hidden high tempered stainless steel screw to fasten the wicking to ensure these are the safest and highest quality torches from top to bottom!



Each torch’s overall length is approximately 18in (45cm) with the standard 1.5″ wick length. Our other standard model hollow torch is 3/8in (9.5mm). These sizes were selected specifically due to the type of metal used to ensure standard safety, comfort, light-weight, and easy ability to do contact tricks and other torch tech.

The wicks sizes for our standard hollow torch wicks come stock with 1.5in (38mm). Each torch head is approximately 1in (25mm) wide, using 5/8in. (16mm) thick kevlar.


Please Note: Torches sold on site at workshops and events cost higher

Credit: To my knowledge, the hollow fire eating torch was originally invented by Kiwamu Miyakubo.

Disclaimer: Due to the inherent danger of fire manipulation; the purchaser assumes all risk and responsibility. Fearless Fire takes no responsibility for any accidents, injury, death, or property damage that may happen while using our products. Fire Manipulation should only be performed by an individual who has received training from a professional instructor.