Atlanta Fire Eating Workshops (12/09 & 12/10)

  • Course 1: $100
  • Course 2: $125
  • Course 3: $125
  • Half Day // Any 2 Courses: $200
  • Full Day // All 3 Courses: $250

After your purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email that you MUST respond to. Payments are non-refundable. Deposit will pay for course 1 and reserve your spot. If you have a remaining balance, it is due 14+ days before the event date.

*Early Bird Tier 1 Deadline: 11/12

*This product pays for the reservation deposit 

*Deposit will be deducted from total 


What Will Be Covered:

Fire Eating can feel cooler than a cup of coffee, and we’ll show you how! It’s a relatively safe art form that anyone can learn easily with professional guidance. Any level of experience is welcomed! 

Receive Instruction on Theory and Technique for:



Transfers & Fuses 

Vapor Manipulation Tricks

Vapor Combinations- basic, interm. & adv 

Showmanship & Presentation 

Granted access to an hour-long safety lecture covering:

Fire Eating Safety Procedures

Healthcare Protocols  

Recommended Emergency Procedures 

Before & After Care Procedures 

Fuel & Fire Science

Fuel Stages for Fire Torches


What To Expect:

All Fuel and Safety Gear are provided. Fearless Fire Eating workshops are 7hrs long, each course has a duration of  2-3 hours. I have created a curriculum that’s designed to learn the material while preserving health by limiting fuel exposure. Everyone is asked to bring their own torches or purchase a pair. Torches purchased for the workshop will be delivered at the event. Trained Fire Safeties will be on-site to ensure participants and environment remain safe and under vigilant supervision.


About the Workshop:

Beginners and all levels of experience are welcome! To ensure everyone’s health and safety, we’re implementing stricter requirements than CDC orders. Bed tracking & hospital occupancy statistical research are continually conducted. We will begin the workshop with an in-depth lecture covering Health Implications, Before/After-care procedures, Safety Procedures, Emergency Protocols. Beginners are required to take courses in order, but advanced eaters and returning students may attend any course.


Pre & Post Workshop/Lesson:

Receive training not only during your workshop/lesson, but before and after as well! You will always be my student and are considered a part of the Fearless Fire family. Guidance from your instructor does not end simply because your event ends! Once registered, you will be sent a confirmation email containing the event address, study materials on fire eating safety, and vapor safety.

After your event is complete, we feel that you should always have access to the instructor for any further guidance. There are bound to be questions along the way, so we allow every student the ability to contact the instructor. You will also be granted access to join a private Facebook group exclusively only for Fearless Fire students.

Private Fire Eating lesson ~ $200/2hrs

Half/Full day Workshop Attendees Only ~ $150/ 2hr private lesson


Course Times

                                                                           Course 1:  (9am – 12:00pm)

                                                                           *Lunch Break* (12:00-1:00)

                                                                            Course 2: (1:00pm – 3:00pm)

                                                                            Course 3: ( 3:00pm – 5:00pm) 

🔥Course 1🔥

 Fleshing & Transfers:

  • Immolation
  • Slow-burn
  • Hand Flash
  • Hand, Pinch, Finger flares & transfers
  • Arm trails or Leg trail
  • Tongue Candle & Transfer

Extinguishes & Transfers:

  • Jellyfish & transfer
  • Partial hand-snuff
  • Hand snuff
  • Forced Extinguish
  • Mouth Retention
  • Fire Ball & Transfer
  • Assisted Fire Eating
  • Traditional Fire Eating

🔥Course 2🔥

 Vapor Pulls:
  • Retention Draw
  • Dead Pull ( 4 different variations )
  • Hollow Torch Pull
  • Live Wick Pull
Vapor Tech & Transfers:
  • Human Candle
  • Cauldron
  • Torch -to- Torch Transfer
  • Pressure Candle or Horizontal Candle
  • Crossfire
For Advanced Eaters:
  • Vape Spin
  • Parachute
  • Hand Snuff -to- Human Candle
  • Tongue Candle -to- Human Candle

🔥Course 3🔥

Adv. Fleshing, Extinguishes & Transfers
  • Lovell Light
  • Adv. Jellyfish Variations & transfers
  • Shotgun & Variations
  • Drop Snuff
  • Shoot -the- Moon, River or Ground
Adv. Vapor Tech & Combos
  • Blow -a- Kiss
  • Hand Flash -to- Human Candle
  • Vape Spin
  • Shotgun -to- Human Candle
  • Parachute
  • Double Candle 
For Advanced Eaters:
  • Flamenco
  • Shoot -the- River
  • Shoot-the- Ground
  • Hand Snuff Relight Transfer
  • Statue Of Liberty
  • Bearded Singer
  • Pirouette
  • Hand Flash Candle -to- Vape Spin
  • The Orbital