Covid Prevention Requirements

Covid Safety for Workshops

All participants are required to follow ALL instructions to ensure the security of our event in concern of Covid prevention. I will not let Covid contamination happen within my events and we must all work together to ensure that all rules are followed strictly. Failure to abide by the directions given, you may be asked to leave without a refund.  It is our responsibility to be mindful of others emotional and physical well being, so let us be courteous and respectful of one another in our workshop by following these procedures in our every action. 

Fearless Fire Covid Safety Procedures:

  • You are required to have your temperature checked by a non-contact infrared thermometer 
  • Temperatures over 100F will not be allowed to attend
  • You will be given hand sanitizer upon entering the venue 
  • Place all belonging far away from each other
  • Maintain a distance of at least 8’-10’ at ALL TIMES!
  • You must bring a mask and wear at all times unless instructed to remove for safety purposes
  • You are required to use hand sanitizer before and after using the restroom!
  • You are required to wipe down all surface areas you may touch while going in the restroom using the disinfectant wipes provided
  • You are prohibited from sharing any items with anyone outside of your household.
  • NEVER touch anyone outside of your ‘pandemic bubble’ or household
  • NEVER touch your face!!
  • Use your hand sanitizer routinely!
  • After the event, take a shower and change clothes. Wash old clothing


For any additional information, comments or concerns:

Thomas Santiago

phone: (352) 672-2243

email: fearlessfireretreats@gmail.com